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Pick Up 3 Pieces of Litter from the beach Challenge.

We have seen for ourselves dead birds and porpoise on the beaches from plastic caught around necks or from eating the sharp plastic remnants of bottles.

Join us to collect just three pieces every time you visit the beach. There is a litter bin next to the loos for rubbish.


Walking Map of the Village


Four walks through the village with lots of fascinating information about the buildings and famous inhabitants especially from the Victorian era.

Written by Oliver Cox CBE.

Available from -

Rock Villa, Village Road,

Ventnor Heritage Centre,

Rounds News, Ventnor

£2 with proceeds to the BCA

A little reminder to visitors that you are required to pick up after your dog. 


Please do this on all paths in the village and the countryside and, please note, also beach areas. Our swimmers would appreciate your cooperation.

There is a dog mess bin by the toilets at the front at Bonchurch.

Please don't throw bags of dog mess into the undergrowth or trees, you will be fined.


Calling for your lovely photos of Bonchurch
We would love to you to contribute to our Photo Of
The Month and on our Picture Gallery.

Send images, not bigger than 1 Mb to Sue via the email address on the Contact Page.

We will add your name and the title on the credit.

Many Thanks!

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