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Percy Goddard Stone, Lays and Legends Of The Wight, 1912

I have been carrying out a bit of Bonchurch Village research and came across Percy Goddard Stone who was an architect, historian and archaeologist who came to live and work on the island for most of his life. He worked on restoring the Bonchurch Old Church in 1823 and 1831. He is probably best known for the memorial monument to Queen Victoria in Newport 1901.

I discovered this book that has treasures of the Isle of Wight dialect in a chapter of Lays. I am not clear if the rhymes at the front are by Percy Stone or are local rhymes that he has documented.

I am showing the two poems / stories that mention St Boniface (as we are strictly a Bonchurch based website) however, I can't resist adding the Lay 'The Carter's Mate' as it is full of words that are pure Isle of Wight.

The Carter's Mate

If you have ever wondered about Bishop's Acre and the story about the Wishing Well, here is the answer.

The final piece is entitled Godshill, however St Boniface plays a significant role in the story.

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