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Ventnor Heritage Centre            


Self Catering Accommodation

The Bonchurch Inn

Bonchurch Shute, PO38 1NU

01983 852611

Grange Cottage

01983 866 455

OceanBlue Coastal Retreats

The Cliff Path, Bonchurch PO38 1RL

01983 852398

Horseshoe Cottage

Shore Rd, Bonchurch, PO38 1RN

01428 714095

Grebe Cottage

Village Road, Bonchurch

Church House

The Shute, Bonchurch

Monks Bay Cottage

The Cliff path, Bonchurch

Fernwood Cottage

Village Road, Bonchurch

Westfield Lodges and Apartments

Shore Road 

01983 852268

Haviland Cottage

Madeira Road, Bonchurch



The Pitts, Bonchurch


Village Road, Bonchurch, PO38 1RG

The Boathouse

sea front, shore road


The Bonchurch Inn 

serves delicious food with an Italian style  (and real ale). 

01983 852611

Smuggler's Haven

Leeson Road, Bonchurch


Architectural Ironwork Forge      Bonchurch Forge      

01983 855233 or 854823

Motor Garage Workshop            Bonchurch Garage

01983 854145

Pottery                                        Bonchurch Pottery    

01983 854445

Car Body Repairs                         Roy Truman         

01983 855884


Contemporary Leatherwork         Sue Lowday

01983 716579

Hairdressing by Amber                Amber

For Ladies and Gentlemen

01983 855634 & 07772 209242

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